Tuesday, November 17, 2009

never turn your back on a girl with bangs


Andrew W. Moir said...

I really like your style! You have a ton of incredible art on your blog. I'm glad I found it. :)

Trevor Spencer said...

this is really really good.

i love the thick line with the intense colOURS! nicely done

Garrett Hanna said...

Heh, those are some big legs and that is a mildly disturbing note.

I love it.

DrawDoll said...

Hey this is pretty awesome.....take it easy I said "pretty"

Chris Darnbrough said...

i love a girl with cankles, sweet character!

trevor dalmer said...

thx friends! i love each and every one of you.

robi pena said...

Beautiful blog, beautiful works, love it!!! Cheers :-))


cool!! love the colours too!

Nabs Mirza said...

this is awesome Trev....sweet ass legs!

trevor dalmer said...

man, u guys are awesome, thx for the comments!

Alex Chechik said...

The writing in your picture is like the icing on a delicious illustration cake.

Anonymous said...

i like her legs and you really sold me on the creepy bangs

andrew said...

Hey Trev,

I like how it looks like she has little hooves..haha nice one

Lubomir said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love thick legses!

trevor dalmer said...

thx guys, its funny cause she's like "what the hell did u make my legs that big for?!" i guess she doesn't appreciate it like my fellow artist types :)

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